William Woodgate

A thirty-something year-old environmental science graduate working freelance as a frontend web developer & project manager. Loves doing outdoorsy stuff, cycling, photography & weather etc.
William Woodgate

Work Experience

  • Currently working freelance, as a full-stack web developer.
  • Currently lead web developer and project management assistant at the Still River Creative digital agency.
  • Proficient knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python programming / markup languages.
  • Management of complex codebases using version control systems like Github and BitBucket.
  • Team collaboration and project management using tools like Skype, Slack, Asana and Trello.
  • Expertise in using open source publishing platforms, like Wordpress, concrete5, Pulse and WebYep.
  • Over 12 years' experience of developing hundreds of addons for the RapidWeaver publishing platform and supporting its thousands of users. Owner of ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks. Tookover SeyDesign and RWExtras from previous owners.
  • In addition to the above, collabratation with other developers to bring new RapidWeaver addons to the marketplace.
  • Customer technical support assistant at Chillidog software and web hosting.
  • Occasional voluntary work for the National Trust, participating in events like beach litter cleans, retail, wildlife surveys and supply of stock photography for use in marketing.


  • Responsive Web Design Certification, CodeCamp → View Certificate
  • Programming with Python, Codecademy → View Certificate
  • Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management, University of Virgina (Darden School of Business) → View Certificate
  • Understanding the Weather, University of Reading and The Royal Meteorological Society → View Certificate
  • University of Plymouth, BSc Environmental Management.

Who Am I?

I graduated from University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management. I particularly enjoyed the modules relating to economics, sustainable development and water management. My final dissertation focused on the impacts of mining waste (e.g. zinc and arsenic) on small freshwater invertebrates; and I had the opportunity to present my research to some leading academics.

I started developing and managing websites for a couple of people, with the intention that this would be a stop-gap job! However it evolved into an aspect of work I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Now I'm at the stage of being a 'full stack' web developer, proficient in multiple programming and markup languages. I love problem solving and the challenges of piecing-together innovative solutions for clients; in-turn helping them meet ambitious outcomes. I've been fortunate to have worked with a number of successful start-up companies and innovative 'disruptors'. I've often been able to reuse my environmental management skills to help companies develop greener initiatives and promote their sustainability.

I consider myself a keen weather geek; with my own private weather station - I often participate in discussions about weather forecasting on social media. Away from the computer, I have a passion for landscape photography, hiking, cycling and kayaking.


For those of you who may be considering creating or upgrading your website, I empathize with your plight in locating a qualified and experienced programmer upon whom you may rely to provide timely and reliable assistance for all your website programming needs.
Full PDF testimonalJay Butler, Asset Protection Services

It would be difficult to overstate the contributions ace developer Will Woodgate has made collaborating with me and my digital agency over the past 8-plus years.

There is no doubt Will’s work has greatly benefitted our agency as well as our clients. He routinely devises innovative, original solutions to development issues, challenges, and particularly difficult problems. Also he is an excellent communicator — not simply essential considerations and explanations, but in the critical areas of setting expectations and responsive keeping-in-touch (of utmost importance in the workplace yet often sorely lacking).

Over the better part of a decade I have found Will to be consistently patient and understanding in most any situation. He is also a friend. He has been and remains very much a part of our team and we consider ourselves most fortunate to be working with him. I welcome any interested party to contact me for a reference.- Charles Moore, Still River Creative

When I first contacted Will with regard to recreating my website, I wasn’t sure of what to expect and was more than a little apprehensive. Obviously, anyone with a small business is taking a risk when they ask someone else to do something, but some things are mission critical and clearly out of our range of expertise. I’m extremely happy that I took the plunge. I needed a website that would be modern and responsive / mobile friendly and I needed it completed quickly as my business is somewhat seasonal. Will's professionalism, timeliness, efficiency and responsiveness as a developer truly exceeded any of my expectations. Will also steered me in the right direction in other areas with regard to things that will result in cost savings over the years AND he thoroughly answered all of my questions. Additionally, with regard to the final product; I am extremely pleased with the site and while I am the Magician, Will is truly a Magician too when it comes to website design. Will, you are a terrific and I can’t thank you enough!
- Steve Wallach, Philadelphia Magician

I’ve been fortunate enough over the years to know and trust Will. He has delivered exceptional work time and time again and has become a critical asset for my business.
- Greg Barchard, Chillidog Software

I've lost count how many stacks (and a few themes) I've bought from Will over the last 4 years. I'm not a programmer so I needed stacks I could learn to use easily. I also hired him to help me modify the themes I bought from him. I couldn't have built my website without Will and his knowledge of RapidWeaver, stacks and themes. His expertise is beyond helpful when I get stuck. I will continue to come back to Will for more Stacks, etc. as technology and websites change.
- Lisa Sandler, Photography & Design


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